How well do the UK's 100 largest companies measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions and demonstrate sustainability?

The sixth annual study of the sustainability reporting performance of the FTSE 100 examines the extent and quality of the carbon and sustainability measurement, reporting and reduction by the UK's 100 largest companies using publicly available information.

Each company was judged and ranked across the following areas:

  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification
  • Carbon Strategy
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Innovation

Using scoring criteria developed from ten years of experience partnering with clients,  we discovered the FTSE 100's best performers in sustainability reporting, acknowledging industry leaders and ranking their success on our sustainability leader board.


Mark Chadwick


We hope that this report can provide some insight into the trends and pace of change for businesses managing climate risk in an intelligent way. We also hope that it encourages positivity and optimism; that innovative and creative thinking can result in a better, more sustainable way of managing complex business challenges in a resource constrained world.